How long can i get the offer?

We usually reply within 24 hours of consultation. If you are in urgent need of price, please call us.

How to get samples to understand the product quality?
After the price is confirmed, you can ask us to provide samples to understand the quality of our products and processes. We will charge the sample fee, after the confirmation of the order, the quantity of your order can be up to the quantity, the sample fee will be refunded in full.

Which format do you accept for painting
PDF, AI, Core Draw, High resolution IPG, CAD

Can you provide design?
Yes. We have a team of experienced professionals in jewelry display design and process, if you can not provide a complete design. You can send us high-resolution images, LOGO and text, and tell us your design requirements. Tell us what you think, we will help you to achieve, so that your product perfect show.

How long can I get samples?
The sample will be shipped within 7-10 days and will arrive within 3-5 days.

Big order product time?
In general, the production of large goods in 2-6 weeks, but ultimately depends on your order quantity and transport.

Why cooperate with the factory directly
1) be able to understand the company's situation, to confirm the ability to produce the products you want.
2) customers can make their own requirements for the product more clearly and directly with the factory docking, suppliers in the process of product requirements and understanding no mistake and reduce the modification time.
3) to ensure that the quality of the product can meet your requirements, you can come to the factory during the production inspection, or by the docking clerk to provide the latest product information and QC report.
4) because it is directly connected with the factory, the factory can fully guarantee the production time in consultation with you within the time limit. Therefore, customers will not affect the quality of the goods or other goods
5) Direct cooperation with the factory, to ensure that you can get the most favorable price, we do not offer any additional service charges in the offer.

Where does YINGBOND have legal status and meaning to us?
When we started working with new clients, we often hear the argument: "but you are in china"
Although our factory is located in Shenzhen, China, but our Hongkong company is responsible for the cooperation of foreign customers and the signing of the contract
Hongkong does belong to China, but in view of China's "one country, two systems" policy, the former British colony has a special status, is based on the British legal system. This means that the law is basically the same as the British law - legal protection is one thing - that means you can enforce your rights. This is because Hongkong has been ranked among the world's most economically competitive and competitive ten countries in Europe, such as Norway and france.

How to ensure the quality of the product?
We have a complete range of machinery and equipment with good technical staff, can fully meet the needs of your production, our company welcomes you to visit the factory.
Strict selection of material suppliers: three of the approval of the 1, a preliminary assessment of 2, a comprehensive evaluation of the field, the three can be achieved in order to become our suppliers. For leather materials, glue, plastic, paint, these products use a larger performance of the material, we will do environmental testing to ensure that after the use of qualified.
The company has established a perfect quality management system, products from production to packaging and shipment throughout the QC team to track inspection quality management system function can not only timely check the product promptly solve any problems, more important is that we can always provide a stable quality of products, once the products have problems, we will just cause problems or forecast to be able to solve problems to ensure the production, so the time will not affect shipment time because of the emergence of large quantities of substandard.