Acrylic display frame is divided into which categories

- Jul 17, 2017-

1. Acrylic Tobacco and Wine display stand

Acrylic tobacco and wine display stand is a common life in the acrylic display frame, usually used for the display of tobacco and alcohol products display stand.

2. Acrylic Glasses display Stand

Acrylic glasses display stand is the display of glasses, glasses are precision processing, in the natural environment of adaptability, otherwise easy to damage easily broken and difficult to repair, or even into scrap.

3. Acrylic Cosmetics display Stand

Cosmetics display stand is the most familiar kind of display rack, especially love to go shopping love makeup beautiful meimei, if usually more attention, will see a lot of shopping malls, shops display cosmetics Acrylic cosmetics display stand.

4. Computer display stand

Computer display stand has anti-theft function, specially for tablet computer, LED LCD design Independent rechargeable anti-theft display rack, built-in high decibel alarm, and equipped with wireless Bluetooth password alarm to be lifted. Two-color instructions for working and alerting status.