Distinguish the quality of plexiglass panel

- Jul 17, 2017-

1. The quality of the Plexiglass board is very crisp, with the hand knock board, can hear crisp sound.

2. After the outdoor sun and rain plate color will be yellow, if the ink is also Liepin, then, the panel color will fade. Without the original luster. This panel, made of plexiglass panels, looks old and not durable.

3. Plexiglass panel production, some customers thickness requirements are very accurate, high-quality material tolerances will be relatively small, on the contrary, poor quality is often a large tolerance, will be thin a lot.

4. Fire can be used to burn materials, good plexiglass materials will not burn easily, and bad materials will soon burn up.

5. It can be distinguished from the slight chromatic aberration and polishing effect of the plate section "Whether the color is uniform (even if he is transparent), whether the surface is flat (it is likely to be curved), has no bubbles." 】