Fundamentals of skin and packaging

- Jul 17, 2017-

Leather box Packaging has a more pronounced difference. From the material, the leather or imitation skin texture of PU material, cloth and filling paper materials as a supplement, can be called cortical packaging. If the ingredients and accessories are reversed, it is not the leather packaging, but the ordinary leather box or paper packaging.

In the structure, the inner gall of solid wood, MDF board or plastic as the keel bracket, play a supporting and protective role in the packaging structure. If there is no stent, that is, the use of genuine leather, even if used as a package, it is only a handbag as a package, not a real leather packaging.

In terms of social responsibility objectives, the starting point of the ordinary leather box is to protect the product in storage and transshipment without damage as the main purpose, taking into account the responsibility of expanding the market, even for the development of the market and excessive packaging to introduce the definition of excessive packaging and distinguishing standards, no concept of environmental protection.