How to choose the right jewelry box?

- Jul 17, 2017-

1. According to the fabric purchase

I believe that every woman likes to wear beautiful clothes, jewelry boxes of fabric like jewelry box clothes, formerly common jewelry box fabric for PU fabrics, but a high-quality jewelry box of the fabric of the majority of high-quality pu fabrics, texture clear, rich texture, luster and delicate, can also waterproof anti-fouling, can guarantee years not fade, and poor quality jewelry box most of the use of low-quality pu leather, prone to cracking phenomenon, leather easily aging, fabric life is short.

2. According to the internal work to buy

High-quality jewelry box inside the work should be fine, but also only fine internal work to better preserve everyone's precious jewelry, high-quality jewelry box in most of the internal use of high-quality flocking material, feel very good, can maximize the care of your baby.