Showcase Basic Specifications

- Jul 17, 2017-

1, the standard exhibition board is an international standard size (990 series) of the Conference Board, originated in Germany, is now widely used in the global.

2, Standard size: 1MX2.5m (exhibition board), 3MX3M (Standard booth).

3, Related accessories: eight prism (Big Hole eight prism, small hole eight prism), flat aluminum (40 50 70 flat aluminum), three-card lock, calligraphy and painting hooks, PVC-coated white flour Exhibition board, fire-resistant coating panels, such as veneer.

4, exhibition board performance: Because eight prism has the nature of octagonal, decided that the standard exhibition Board of the construction of a variety of forms, W-type, n-type, T-type, M-type, Y-type, H-, L-type, U-type, so has a wide range of applications.

5, the scope of application: exhibition, investment booth construction, job fair layout, calligraphy and Painting exhibition Board Building, academic Conference Board production, photo exhibition board building, as well as students graduation works exhibition and doctoral thesis Summit forum.