The knowledge of jewelry packaging

- Jul 17, 2017-

1, to reflect the characteristics: jewelry packaging should not be a lack of individuality, packaging similar, uniform; packaging should be "Only I am gifted", "only I am unique", melting national, local, intellectual, fun and commemorative in one.

2, must have the fine packaging consciousness: the jewelry box manufacturer must have the fine consciousness, must obtain the hand, a creative good jewelry, if the jewelry box production is coarse and unbearable, the sales also will be greatly reduced.

3, must have the cultural connotation: the culture is the jewelry jewelry connotation and the soul, also is the culture carrier and the manifestation form. Therefore, the integration of cultural design in the jewelry packaging is essential. Of course, the packaging design at this time should show the cultural nature of not only the local national tradition, but a coexistence with the Times complex.

4, the design should pay attention to the convenience: jewelry Jewelry If the product packaging is poor, inconvenient to carry, then gifts and collections will be a big loss of the market, packaging box one of the functions is to carry convenient, this gift gifts to distant friends is particularly important.