The maintenance method of high-grade leather box packing

- Jul 17, 2017-

1, the lid can not be overweight on top of the thing, to avoid the leather box is crushed or distorted.

2, put the leather box must be boring, otherwise, by the tide of the leather arrangement simple lax, resulting in deformation rot, rubber slurry off, metal parts are easy to rust.

3, damp-proof, can not be soaked in water, can not be placed in the sun exposure, to avoid chapped leather, lose patience, easy to break.

4, to be diligent to see, such as the discovery of dry leather, you can properly rub some oil.

5, such as peel box of leather products fabrics appear moldy point, you can first wipe with a dry cloth, and then coated with Vaseline oil, 10 minutes later, wipe Vaseline.