What is affecting your jewelry prop effect?

- Jul 17, 2017-

Jewelry display Props Many people also called jewelry trays, jewelry ornaments, and so on, we pay attention to it is mainly two aspects, small series from its essential aspects to explain: first, modelling, jewelry shop decoration style, counter modeling these are customers above the big feeling, if the jewelry props and these have a big difference between the customer will feel very strange, such as decoration is resplendent, and props are small plate, too simple to die, and some jewelers very like to put goods, the volume is very large, Any other decoration can not be a foil to the characteristics of jewelry;

Second, color, the color of jewelry props mainly with leather or spray painting to show, after the decoration of the light is reasonable, the color of the jewelry can be set off, jewelers will certainly not go to study, but in the selection of these colors, think that good-looking will that.