Life Must, Acrylic Pallet!

- Jul 17, 2017-

When it comes to acrylic pallet, we have to say that the pallet classification, the pallet by texture classification words have 4 kinds:

The first is wood, made of wood or bamboo materials, used in the crafts or used for decoration;

The second type is metal, most of the material is stainless steel, used for placing items, not often moving;

The third kind is plastic, because the texture is lighter, the use is convenient, has the Non-slip function, in the service industry application is more;

The fourth type is plastic wood, the use of plastic wood composite materials, widely used, energy-saving pollution reduction.

Acrylic pallet belongs to plastic, but acrylic has a "Crystal Queen" laudatory name, can be seen its crystal level and crystal comparable, and its easy to shape and color, not easy to decolorization characteristics, so the style and colors, exquisite beautiful! As a pallet its hardness is higher than the metal aluminum, load-bearing capacity is large, chemical properties stable, as the use of the hand-washing tray is durable and beautiful!